Saturday, October 31, 2009

Priory School

Interesting information on Priory School, Edgbaston.

Established in Edgbaston in 1936 as one of Convent schools by the order of Society of the Holy Child Jesus, the school changed its name in 2001 to Priory School. In 1986, SHCJ ceased in managing the school, but continues to have close contact with the school's future.2009 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Cornelia Connelly, the founder of the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus who opened our school on its present site in 1936. To honor Cornelia Connelly, they will hold a grand picnic, just like the one's Cornelia herself would love to have with her students. This is a time honored tradition that not only Priory School keeps, but all schools in her memory.

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  1. Great to see all this info about Cornelia on here! Your choirs are quite impressive! Cornelia's life was remarkable. You can learn more about the Bicentennial at and you can also keep up with the Society on Facebook at